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Services Offered

I am trained in Visual Communication and enjoy communicating visually. Here are some fun, enlightening and educational ways Peepal Arts can come alongside you.

Webinars/ Workshops

Some of the workshops include but is not restricted to:

  • Art and Mindfulness
  • De-stress with Art
  • Art and Storytelling
  • and more

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Art Classes

Art is about seeing. These art classes are more about training the eye to see than it is about learning technique. We do learn about different artists and their styles.

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Art Programs

Hosting Art parties or Art events is fun. We can do these even via Zoom (online)

  • Art Parties : We can help you organize an art themed party.
  • Art Events : Create together and take home your master piece

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Art Prints

Photography is my hobby. For downloadable prints or backgrounds check out Most of my pieces in acrylic are commissioned works.

  • Downloable prints for presentations on screen and high resolution images
  • unique ready made backgrounds
  • commissioned Artworks

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